Upheaval of conveyancing industry predicted for 2016

Posted: 11 December 2015

Scott Bozinis launched InfoTrack UK on 7th July after moving to the UK just over a year ago. He previously worked at the Australian branch of the conveyancing search platform, and believes searching and conveyancer services are set for a year of change in 2016.

While searches have improved with more detailed flood and environmental information, Scott Bozinis sees conveyancers becoming more demanding of their providers as companies like his provide new technological challenges to their competitors.

Scott said: "The average conveyancer still uses five or six products and websites like HMRC, Land Registry and such, no one-stop website that does it all. We're one bill at the end of the month, one login, one password, that's the main difference we think we'll drive.

"I see our role is being to challenge the rest of the marketplace and evolve. That's been our experience in Australia. The current marketplace is offering better flood reports, environmental reports, but who has helped the conveyancer do their job better and easier? Conveyancing isn't just searching.

"Looking ahead into the New Year I think as things change there'll be more consolidation in search providers and there will be more demand for technology as one provider offers something, it can become the bare minimum people will want from the entire conveyancing searchers' market.

"We take a real holistic approach; one website to do everything. We go from start to finish with everything in the middle. As people see this they'll want their search providers to do more, and through that, there'll be a demand for more technology. There'll certainly be consolidation, we're seeing that through acquisition at the moment."

Scott moved to the UK just over a year ago after working at InfoTrack Australia for five years. He says he's looking forward to the business moving forward in 2016.

Scott said: "It's been really good for us, a fantastic year. The first six months we were busy with the acquisition of STL Group, as well as just looking at the market before launching in July.

"There's not a huge difference between working over in the UK compared to Australia, lawyers the world over are similar, there aren't any big differences. The market isn't too different, in terms of the way we engage and service lawyers.

"The highlights for us is early on we identified an angle on conveyancing technology. We can apply all this technology to what is a fairly traditional industry to help conveyancers do their jobs more easily and more simply.

"I'm a more traditional cricketer and cricket fan outside of work. The first year has been setting up the business and that's been great, my second year in the UK might be different.

"One thing I'm looking forward to taking advantage of is the ability to travel with the rest of Europe so close, which is great for someone switching continents, and I'm also hoping to get into buying and renovating a home here in the UK."


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