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At InfoTrack, we are dedicated to challenging the normal working practices of conveyancers. By wrapping simple, smart conveyancing search technology around these conveyancing processes, we aim to evolve the market and enhance how conveyancers operate.

InfoTrack’s intuitive interface allows you to streamline your workflow by connecting you to all the key conveyancing tasks without ever leaving the platform. InfoTrack enables you to perform many of these tasks within a single website including Land Registry Searches, Conveyancing Searches, SDLT Submissions, AP1 Transfers, electronic contract packs and more, saving you valuable time and money, and reducing the possibility of human error.

With a consistent look and feel, our customers are enjoying carrying out their conveyancing processes through InfoTrack where arduous forms such as SDLT Submissions and AP1 Transfers are pre-populated by over 90%. 


We challenge your current way of working and evolve the methods to provide superior services to businesses procuring information through technology. 

Whether you’re a conveyancer, solicitor, an accountant, a bank or a government agency, it’s imperative that information is reliable – correct and timely. We provide up-to-date, quality data from trusted local and global sources, and cover over 200 jurisdictions. The information we provide is also quickly accessible, and we source any missing details on your behalf, enabling you to work efficiently when time is of the essence. Our offering includes:


Knowing exactly who you are doing business with is imperative, especially when there are large sums of money involved. Fraud is currently one of the biggest challenges facing the legal profession and is constantly appearing in the news. Coupled with both lenders and regulatory bodies demanding that law firms perform their due diligence to the highest standard, firms need to have access to quality checks that lower the risk, both for the client and the firm.

With fraudulent issues contributing to over 70% of all PI claims, it's imperative that you check all parties involved in a transaction, including other law firms to whom any money will be sent, in order to reduce the risk.

InfoTrack offer all the key searches that need to be performed for the people you deal with so you have peace of mind and minimise any risk.


Sometimes law professionals need a specific tool that enables them to perform the functions of their role better. Whether it's making it easier, faster or just tweaking a process, we pride ourselves on being able to help.

That's why we develop necessary online conveyancing tools that support law firms and make the management of a transaction easy - from the beginning to the end of a purchase. And you can depend on InfoTrack to build the conveyancing tools within the same look and feel, using technology that adapts to you, rather than you needing adapting to the technology.

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