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Make finding information on dissolved companies easier and ensure you are reliably information with dissolved company searches from InfoTrack.

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We run checks against Companies House Direct and Companies House Beta for a complete picture.

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Most documents are returned immediately and stored against your matter number for 5 years within InfoTrack.

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Easily request any documents that aren’t immediately available, you’ll be notified by email once these are returned.

It can be difficult to search for all the information you need regarding dissolved companies, given that more than 50% are not held in Companies House Beta. We’ve removed the difficulty of finding the information you need by creating the ability to search against the full repository of dissolved company filings.

Now you can search against the full repository of dissolved company filings to ensure you have the full picture, making finding dissolved companies information, easy, accurate and fast.

With our service, you can order individual documents or a General Company Package and get results returned to your screen as a single PDF for easy reference. The majority of documents are returned immediately and stored conveniently alongside your corresponding matter number, visible for all users. You can also order further searches simply by clicking the tabs across the top of the results window. Your results are also saved against your matter within InfoTrack for five years with visibility for all users.

What is a dissolved company?

The dissolution of a company is when it has been struck off Companies House, the public register where company information is displayed. The dissolution of a company is a way of closing down a limited company by removing it from the register at Companies House. The company no longer legally exists once the company has been removed from the register.

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