Dissolved companies searches online

More than 50% of Dissolved Companies are not held in Companies House Beta. That's why we have created the ability to search against the full repository of Dissolved Company filings, and order individual documents, or a General Company Package that are returned to your screen as a single bookmarked PDF.

  • InfoTrack will run a check against Companies House Beta and Companies House Direct to ensure you receive the most complete and accurate information.
  • Any documents that are not immediately available can be requested by simply clicking the request document box, you will be notified by email once these have been returned.
  • You can also order further searches from within the results by clicking the tabs across the top of the window.
  • With documents returned immediately and stored for five years with visibility for all users, InfoTrack make finding dissolved companies information, easy, accurate and fast.

 InfoTrack is the most efficient way to access dissolved company information, check out the video below or get in touch to learn more.