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Ensure you’re reliably informed with our Companies House service, incorporating data from Companies House Direct and Companies House Beta, as well as providing insolvency and credit information.

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Information is pulled from Companies House Direct and Companies House Beta creating a complete data picture.

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A range of reports and packages from basic, through to comprehensive and combined offerings.

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Free access to REVEAL – our bespoke data visualisation tool that converts data into an easy-to-read format.

We understand how important it is to your business for data to be reliable, complete and returned quickly. That’s why our Companies House service ensures the information we provide is up to date, accurate and only procured from trusted sources. 

By accessing a number of repositories, we build Company Reports that check multiple sources to give you peace of mind that you’re not missing critical information needed for a clear data picture. Our range of reports are returned swiftly and include: 

  • Details of registered business address
  • Previous company names
  • Filing history
  • Current and resigned officers
  • Company officer disqualification check
  • Insolvency and credit information and much more. 

We offer three company search packages, from basic through to comprehensive, ensuring the report you choose meets your needs. Whether you’re looking for information related to a private or limited company, information about particular officers such as a company director, or a company court check, our reports provide reliable information checked against a numerous repositories.

Information Basic Company Report Company Conveyancing Report Comprehensive Company Report
Company name and number
Registered office address
Company status and type
Incorporation date
Accounts and confirmation statement filing dates
Nature of business
Previous company name
List of company officers
Persons of significant control (PSC)
Limited filing history (last 25 filings) Full filing history
Charge code - description  
Insolvency history Companies House  
Insolvency History Gazette  
Credit rating and limit    
Credit commentary    
Top 20 shareholders    
Group structure    
Ultimate holding company    
REVEAL visualisation Enhanced (incl. shareholders)

*Financials include cash flow, ratios, balance sheets, capital & reserves, profit and loss.

Removing the need to complete a complicated company check and accessing information from a number of data sources, we do the hard work for you. All search results are saved against the related matter in InfoTrack so you have the information when you need it. We also provide access to REVEAL, our innovative data-visualisation tool that makes complex text-based information easy-to-read. Download our brochure to find the most suitable Companies search for your needs.

InfoTrack also offer services for dissolved company reports and insolvency reports, book a demo to see how we can help you reliably informed.

Learn more about our corporate products. Download a brochure today.

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