Land registry AP1 transfer form online

Why use InfoTrack? 

Lodging electronically is faster and more secure. Our intelligent form collates related information from your matter to populate over 90% of the AP1 form (including auto-attaching of the SDLT5), and cleverly utilises a direct connection with the Land Registry to submit your application quickly and securely.

For those pesky requisitions, we have also developed an intuitive dashboard that enables you to manage and monitor your AP1 applications at the click of a button. Now you can easily respond to requisitions and attach supporting documents so you never miss a deadline again.

Book a demonstration today to see the dashboard in action, or download our AP1 brochure here.

"The biggest win for us has been significant time saving and accuracy improvements in our post completion team. In a very short space of time we’ve halved our requisition rate with HMLR and we’re able to submit applications far more easily than we ever have before.” 
- Laura Liddell, Dezrez Legal

What is an AP1 form? 

The AP1 is one of the most commonly forms used through HM Land Registry. When making an application you must change the register to include the name of the new owner, this can include a change of ownership, to add or remove a name, to change to a married name, if you have paid off your mortgage and want to remove it from the register, or if you have inherited property and want to add the name of the new owner. Lenders generally insist that a solicitor completes this form on behalf of their client. 

If an application is inaccurate or incomplete, or if the Land Registry requires further information, they will raise a requisition which is essentially a form of question regarding your application. These will have a cancellation date and if the Land Registry does not receive a satisfactory response by then, the AP1 application will be cancelled. This would result in a new application having to be lodged, and a new fee would be applicable.

The resulting document after AP1 submission is the TID (Title Information Document) which confirms that the change has been made to the register, as per the AP1 application.