Commercial Services

We’ll take the hard work out of complex projects to ensure your firm benefits from improved efficiencies.

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We help with Portfolios, Complex Land transactions and New Build properties.

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We take on the heavy workload helping you achieve cost efficiencies.

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Our team has over 15 years’ combined experience, putting your work in safe hands.

When dealing with commercial property transactions, the details can be complicated and the workload, heavy. It’s important that everything is project managed to ensure your clients are given the best possible experience. InfoTrack’s Commercial Services provide law firms with a dedicated, knowledgeable Commercial team which acts as a strategic option. Law firms gain access to skilled experts who will ensure they support your project from inception to completion. It not only helps reduce a firms’ overheads, the flexibility of our services mean your firm can benefit from improved efficiencies.

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Portfolio services

Dealing with multiple sites across England and Wales can be time-consuming and costly. It also takes your time away from giving clients your full attention. Our portfolio team have a combined 15 years experience and can provide the support you need to complete the transaction. Managing the project from beginning to end, you’ll be provided estimated costs within hours along with the recommended searches. The team place searches on your behalf and manage the enquiries between the relevant authorities. Through a truly consultative approach, your time is free to focus on servicing your clients.

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Complex sites

We understand the risks relating to large, complicated areas of land from mapping to the necessary searches. Not only is it time-consuming to gather all the information together, the administrative work can really add up. InfoTrack take the hassle away by providing you with a dedicated team who will ensure you have the necessary details to help minimise risk for you and your clients. They’ll also conduct the heavy lifting of costing, recommending searches and managing the search process from placement to enquiries. It’s what makes working with InfoTrack a great experience.

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New Build

When dealing with New Build transactions, there are time pressures from different parties involved. InfoTrack understand this and it’s why our New Build solutions provide transparency so the expectations of the different parties can be managed. The key to New Builds is to provide as much information up front. InfoTrack captures as much detail as possible for your first plot which provides you with an overview for every additional plot in that same development. Ultimately, InfoTrack offer a strategic approach to reduce the burden on law firms and make you look great in front of your clients.

InfoTrack's clever technology allows our research and production team to monitor live data as it is compiled and returned from the relevant departments quickly and efficiently.

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