AP1 Transfers

Completing forms related to conveyancing can be an arduous process. Especially when having to complete the same information time and again. What's more, the requisition process can add time and effort to any transaction.

Well, we're pleased to say that processing AP1 Transfers just got a whole lot easier because it's another conveyancing task that can be completed on the InfoTrack platform.

Using the information entered when managing a matter on InfoTrack, everything is cleverly connected, meaning the AP1 is over 90% pre-populated and automatically attaches the SDLT1-5, saving you not only time but effort as well.

We've incorporated the requisition process too! All requisitions for further information are managed within the InfoTrack platform making it easy to communicate with the Land Registry quickly and efficiently. We'll also alert you to any requisitions from the Land Registry so you can act fast by submitting further information through InfoTrack.

Benefits to your business:

  • Save time and avoid rekeying errors – Over 90% of the form is pre-populated with the required information
  • Peace of mind - Our technology and connections with the Land Registry means that everything is secure
  • An enjoyable process - Manage requisitions in the same platform while working on other matters

Download our AP1 brochure here.