Knowing exactly who you are doing business with is imperative, especially when there are large sums of money involved. Fraud is currently one of the biggest challenges facing the legal profession and is constantly appearing in the news. Coupled with both lenders and regulatory bodies demanding that law firms perform their due diligence to the highest standard, firms need to have access to quality checks that lower the risk, both for the client and the firm.

With fraudulent issues contributing to over 70% of all PI claims, it's imperative that you check all parties involved in a transaction, including other law firms to whom any money will be sent, in order to reduce the risk.

InfoTrack offer all the key searches that need to be performed for the people you deal with so you have peace of mind and minimise any risk.

The benefits to your firm:

  • A full range of services - including Anti-Money Laundering, bankruptcy and Lawyer Checker
  • No waiting - direct connections mean that your search is returned within minutes
  • You can share results directly from within the InfoTrack platform