Property Report

A game-changing solution to accelerate and automate the creation of your report on title while ensuring consistency across every report.

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Pre-populated information speeds up the creation of your Property Report to just 15 minutes.

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Use hyper-automation to analyse and extract search and Land Registry data to build the content of the report on title.

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Removes risk of errors and achieves standardised title reports for improved consistency across your entire firm.

Drafting your report on title (ROT) can be a time-consuming process, collating essential information and analysing the data to create a comprehensive report for every property transaction. Harnessing the power of technology with hyper-automation, Property Report is a game-changing tool empowering you to create a standardised title report in as little as 15 minutes. 

A key component of the digital conveyancing process, Property Report accesses the information legally required for inclusion with your report on title, pre-populating and auto-generating a document that is consistent across every transactionExtracting content from your matter, including environmental report and Land Registry data, the information is interpreted for you automatically, so it's presented in an easy-to-understand format. Property Report also provides a clear explanation and structure within the report on title, designed to guide end-purchasers through the process in an easy-to-digest format. 

How does Property Report work? 

Eliminate the need for multiple documents with one clear, easy-to-use dashboard to create your Property Report in just four simple steps: 

  1. Launch from your case management system or browser and create your workspace to generate your report. 
  2. Property Report draws on results and data across the transaction and pre-written content to create a comprehensive electronic title report for a variety of transaction types. 
  3. Complete any changes you need during the editing process with a live draft preview and tracked changes available. 
  4. Publish the document when ready to create a compressed file, sent back to your matter via integration and share with all relevant parties. 

Property report not only accelerates the creation of your transaction reportit also assures compliance. Highlighting potential risks within your transaction such as missing information, Property Report provides quality control to support your firm’s due diligence process.  

Save time with hyper-automation and intelligent data analysis to fast track the creation of consistent, compliant reporting. Book a demo to see how Property Report can support your digital conveyancing process. 

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