Contract of Sale: Digital contract packs for conveyancers

Send a ready-to-sign digital contract pack in just four clicks.

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Expedite pre-completion with digital contract packs

Save time spent collating documents from multiple sources and ensure accurate data entry with Contract of Sale. A smooth conveyancing transaction relies on a friction-free process, and digital contract packs are the solution. Eliminate delays caused by errors and inaccuracies on the selling conveyancer's side so you can deliver contract packs on time, every time.

Send Contract Packs directly through InfoTrack

Share the contract pack directly with the other side from within InfoTrack, saving you time and eliminating the need to download packs or send emails separately. Why is contract sharing through InfoTrack better for your workflow?

  • Maintain CQS compliance with the ability to upload all required contract pack documents and have them automatically separated within the email.
  • Increase your productivity because you can manage the entire sharing process within the same system.
  • You have the flexibility to create custom email templates to include your preferred information when sharing contract packs with the other side.
  • Even easier with LEAP! If both law firms are LEAP integrated, Contract of Sale detects the matter on the purchaser’s side and offers the receiver the option to save all contract documents directly to the matter in LEAP.
  • It’s completely free to use for InfoTrack clients.

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Spending more time than you should be compiling, formatting and sending contract packs?

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What is Contract of Sale?

Effortlessly collate and authenticate all your essential documents for your contract pack: TA forms, office copies, EPC documents, and Standard Conditions of Sale.

Reduce errors, automatically cross-verify documents against Land Registry data, property details, and matter information within your CMS, and mitigate the potential for transaction delays. All in one easy-to-use, convenient workspace.

Why should you manage pre completion with Contract of Sale?

Since October 2022, InfoTrack has helped conveyancers publish over 50,000 digital contract packs. Avoid delays in the delivery of your contract packs with ready-to-sign digital packs through Contract of Sale. Here's how:


  • Reduce errors with validations

    Minimise the risk of human errors associated with manual checks. Leverage Contract of Sale's intelligent validations to ensure that the information in your digital contract pack is error-free.

  • Everything mapped to your CMS

    Access a single source of truth and maintain a consistent two-way flow of information. InfoTrack’s powerful integration with your CMS automatically returns relevant information to your CMS so you don’t have to.

  • Improved transparency with a digital audit trail

    Access better transparency throughout the process with time-stamped audit trails within your workspace. Update information as needed and track all changes with assurance everything has been captured.

  • Pre-populated information

    Eliminate the manual re-entry of information to deliver your contract pack in two minutes. Benefit from up to 80% automatic data pre-population of your contract pack, drawing from relevant documents, including the TA forms completed through eCOS.

Why InfoTrack clients love Contract of Sale

Contract of Sale is very easy to put together the pack, as most of the information is pulled directly from the official copies we download. This is especially beneficial as it minimises the risk of mistakes when drafting the contract pack. All documents are provided in pdf form, making it much easier to attach to an email to the buyer's solicitor.

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InfoTrack’s digital contract pack is easy to use for a straightforward sale freehold or leasehold. The features of the digital contract pack make it an efficient way to produce the contract, freeing up valuable time to enable me to move forward with issuing the documentation electronically without fuss.

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How to create a digital contract pack with InfoTrack
Send the other side's solicitor a digital contract pack in just 3 steps.
Set up your workspace
Launch your Contract of Sale workspace through your CMS or web browser to effortlessly prepare your digital contract pack. It comes pre-populated with essential information, and you can easily attach your register, title plan, and EPC.
Tailor to your firm's needs
Assure the accuracy of information you input with validations to flag any discrepancies. Make quick adjustments, customise the contract pack to align with your firm's branding, and fine-tune the contract rate as necessary.
Share your digital contract pack
No need to download documents and send via email, you can now publish and send directly to the other side from within InfoTrack, with all relevant documents automatically attached and saved directly to your CMS.

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