Expedite your pre-completion with Contract of Sale

Save time, reduce errors, and automate the generation of your digital contract pack with Contract of Sale – the faster way to keep your transaction moving. 

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Waiting to collect all the documents you need to prepare the contract pack can slow down your conveyancing transaction. Ease the burden of delays caused by collating documents from multiple sources and discrepancies in the data with Contract of Sale.

New digital contract packs speed up the pre-completion process, reduce errors with validated data and give you the transparency you need to keep your transaction moving. 

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Speed up pre-completion with digital contract packs
Finding ways to save time on a conveyancing transaction can be difficult. That's where digital contract packs can ease the burden of time-consuming tasks and speed up the pre-completion process. Law firms are benefitting from sending their contract packs quicker with Contract of Sale, here’s why:
Save time
Generate your digital contract packs in just two minutes with automated document collation.
Reduce delays caused by errors
Validations highlight any inconsistencies in the data so you can amend the details and avoid delays with the transaction.
It’s faster
Pre-populated data and a single workspace let you prepare your digital contract pack in just four clicks.

Building your contract packs digitally is the smartest way to avoid delays in the pre-completion process with everything you need in one convenient place. Here’s how Contract of Sale is helping firms: 

  • Everything in a single workspace – TA forms including the TA6, TA7 and TA10, TA13 Land Registry office copies, the EPC, and Standard Conditions of Sale are all collated into a single workspace, and we pull everything into an email for you to send to the other side 
  • Pre-populated data – Information from documents including the TA forms completed through eCOS is automatically pre-populated so you don’t need to spend time rekeying information 
  • Validations reduce the risk of errors – Contract of Sale intelligently uses validations to check the information in your digital contract pack doesn’t have any discrepancies, reducing the risk of human error associated with manual checks 
  • Greater transparency with a digital audit trail – update or add information at any time and track any changes to the document through an audit trail via the workspace 
  • Everything is mapped to your CMS – Contract of Sale ensures the two-way flow of information through integration with your CMS to provide a single source of truth 
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Ready to expedite your pre-completion with digital contract packs?

Ensure you have all the information you need in one place. With Contract of Sale, you can keep your transaction moving with faster pre-completion.

Get in touch with our digital conveyancing specialists today to see how you can save time with InfoTrack. 

Here's what our clients are saying:

Contract of Sale is a great tool for creating and sending our digital contract packs. Technology is the way forward and this in turn makes transactions move along a lot quicker! At Bookers & Bolton we truly believe in technology and have invested heavily in the same to be able to deliver the best service that we can.

Levi Rees, ConveyancerBookers & Bolton

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