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Submit, manage, and monitor your AP1 forms at the click of a button using our award-winning post-completion technology. Access to our intuitive dashboard gives you more transparency, so you never miss key dates.

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The post-completion process is an essential stage of a conveyancing transaction, covering both SDLT and AP1 submission. It can become time-consuming and arduous when you have to access multiple websites, remember various logins, and complete multiple forms, save and upload to HMLR.

Post-completion with InfoTrack ensures you can complete and lodge your AP1 forms electronically to HM Land Registry for faster, quicker transfers. Our solution has been carefully designed to ensure key information isn’t missed, reducing your risk of raised requisitions.

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Save time when you manage your AP1 with InfoTrack
Up to 90% of your AP1 form is pre-populated using information entered into your matter, including the auto-attachment of your SDLT5.
Smarter forms
Logic in our electronic AP1 form means you’re only shown the information relevant to your matter, along with guidance to reduce requisitions.
Innovation dashboard
Our intuitive AP1 dashboard lets you manage and monitor applications at the click of a button and respond to requisitions directly from within InfoTrack.
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Streamlined AP1 lodging

Pre-population helps you save time and avoid rekeying errors. We use information drawn from your matter in InfoTrack and automatically attach the returned SDLT5 to help you reduce your post-completion process to just five minutes. We’ve also simplified form-filling to include applicant roles, a Land Registry calculator, and Lender details, and Panel 13 is already completed for you.

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Reduce requisitions with our smart dashboard

Our intuitive dashboard provides transparency, so you can manage and monitor your AP1 applications with confidence. Our direct connection to the Land Registry means you can respond to requisitions, request updates on the application from HMLR, review correspondence alongside related files, and upload supporting documents to ensure deadlines aren’t missed.

Breezy post-completion

"Land Registry Searches, conveyancing searches, SDLT, and AP1 submissions are a breeze but importantly, the calendar view within InfoTrack of key dates means we now mitigate the risk of missing AP1 requisitions and expiring priorities as an automated task not left open to human frailties."

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What is an AP1 form?

One of the most common forms used through HMLR, the AP1 is used to change the register to include the name of the new owner.  Lenders generally insist that a solicitor completes this form on behalf of their client.

A requisition, much like a query, can be raised on the application if there are inaccuracies or it is incomplete. Requisitions have a cancellation date and if HMLR does not receive a satisfactory response by then, the AP1 application will be cancelled. This would result in a new application having to be lodged, and a new fee would be applicable.

The resulting document after AP1 submission is the TID (Title Information Document) which confirms that the change has been made to the register, as per the AP1 application.

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