Submit and manage your digital AP1 form with the UK's most trusted provider

We've been the leading provider of digital AP1 submissions to HMLR since 2016. Join over 1,000 law firms that already submit, manage, and monitor digital AP1 forms online at the click of a button using our award-winning post-completion technology.

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We're the digital AP1 experts

With digital AP1 submission now mandatory, it's important your firm uses a trusted, reliable solution. We've been the number one provider for helping law firms submit their AP1s digitally to HMLR since 2016. Conveyancers have already completed more than one million applications via InfoTrack.

Our clients submit 2.5 e-AP1s every minute through our platform, here's why:

  • It's faster - complete your post-completion in under five minutes
  • Improved accuracy - 30% reduction of requisitions with our additional validations and pre-population
  • Automated management - Never miss expiring priorities (OS1 & OS2) with our unique AP1 dashboard

Choosing to manage your post-completion with InfoTrack gives you access to:

  • Up to 90% of your forms are pre-populated using data from your matter, eliminating rekeyed data and minimising requisitions.
  • Additional validations on top of HMLR's business gateway requirements, based on six years of research and insight.
  • Auto-attachment of your SDLT5 when completing your AP1 if submitted via InfoTrack.
  • Increased transparency across every transaction through an intuitive dashboard designed to help you manage your applications by status and respond to outstanding requisitions so you never miss key dates.
  • A WhatsApp-style chat solution connecting you directly with the HMLR caseworker to respond to requisitions and upload additional documents within a single solution.
  • Two-way integration with over a dozen leading case management providers to streamline your workflow.
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Six reasons to switch to digital AP1s with InfoTrack
InfoTrack can take the hassle out of moving to digital register applications, with trusted technology already used by more than 1,000 law firms. How do we make getting your digital AP1s online easier for you?
Technology you can trust
We’re the leading provider of digital AP1 submissions to HMLR, with more than one million already processed since 2016.
Reduce requisitions
We’ve included inbuilt validations required by HMLR to minimise errors and help you reduce your requisitions by up to 30%.
Forms are up to 90% pre-populated using data entered into your matter, including the auto-attachment of your SDLT5.
Streamlined completion
Logic in our digital AP1 form means you are only shown the information relevant to your matter, helping you to streamline the process.
Better visibility
Our intuitive AP1 dashboard lets you manage and monitor applications online, at the click of a button, for greater visibility across every matter.
Convenient messaging system
Respond to requisitions, communicate directly with your HMLR case worker, and upload additional documentation with our inbuilt WhatsApp-style messaging solution.
What our clients have to say:

“Submitting digital AP1s using InfoTrack is incredibly useful. It's a fast way to submit an AP1 and being notified immediately when a requisition occurs or there is any issue with your application is invaluable. It results in you having peace of mind that the application has been submitted correctly and you will not miss a requisition.”

Vincent Sykes logo
James Collett
Vincent Sykes

"We have used InfoTrack to submit our AP1s for over four years now and we would never go anywhere else. The dashboard is easy to understand and clear so that with a glance you can see what applications have been submitted and which ones are still to be done. One of the best parts is the requisition notifications. We would be lost without InfoTrack and appreciate the portal and service massively’’

Linder Myers Solicitors logo
Emily Venables
Linder Myers Solicitors

"Submitting AP1s digitally through InfoTrack is very efficient and straightforward. Not only is it quicker to submit AP1s through InfroTrack, but also a lot quicker to liaise with the Land Registry when requesting extensions and responding to requisitions. InfoTrack is extremely valuable to Hannah’s as we're able to monitor and track our AP1s. It provides a clear and easy-to-follow timeline showing when the AP1 was submitted and if any requisitions were raised making it easier to not miss a requisition, in turn avoiding cancellations."

Hannah Solicitors Logo
Leya Ahmed
Legal Principal Administrator

"SDLT and AP1 submissions are a breeze but importantly, the calendar view within InfoTrack of key dates means we now mitigate the risk of missing AP1 requisitions and expiring priorities as an automated task not left open to human frailties."

Dutton Gregory logo
Paul Sams
Dutton Gregory

“The digital AP1 service with InfoTrack is amazing for a small firm like us. We save a lot of time and energy when submitting an AP1. More importantly, everything is in one place - submission, requisitions, responses, and reminders for deadlines to submit responses. We love the AP1 dashboard, and it's a blessing to our business.”

Sona solicitors black text on white background
Sonal Pandya
Sona Solicitors

I have received great support on post-completion applications for both SDLT and AP1 from the whole helpdesk team at InfoTrack. Following a backlog of matters, I began submitting the applications without getting them checked and soon found I was getting a lot of requisitions raised by the Land Registry. After creating and saving the applications I then made a call to the helpdesk who talked me through each matter and provided assurance along the way which made me feel that I was not alone. After attending an online webinar specifically looking at the new AP1 digital process, I am feeling more confident knowing that there is a strong support team at InfoTrack working alongside us.

Patel and Company Solicitors logo
Elizabeth Aldridge
Patel & Company Solicitors

"InfoTrack’s AP1 form significantly reduces the time it takes to submit and manage all applications. As we also submit the SDLT through InfoTrack, the SDLT5 automatically attaches to the AP1, and the link to an LMS case is simply wonderful! The AP1 dashboard gives everyone in the team full visibility of all applications and an intuitive communication portal with the Land Registry caseworker. I also like the way you can easily respond to requisitions, plus chase Land Registry via InfoTrack too."

Eve Lake Conveyancing Logo white text on dark purple background
Eve Lake
Eve Lake Conveyancing

"The short training session provided to switch from Land Registry portal submissions to InfoTrack made the move smooth and easy. We now greatly benefit from matter information pre-populating the AP1 form from LEAP. We can also easily attach deeds, and other supporting documents directly from the matter and manage any requisitions through the same portal. Another added bonus feature is the ability to link applications to LMS lender-related cases which is a huge game-changer. We could not live without it!"

Adkirk law logo on white background
Kieran Egan
Adkirk Law

“InfoTrack’s intuitive digital AP1 portal saves my team valuable time when submitting applications. The dashboard lets me easily keep track of requisitions and pending cancellations, allowing me to identify potential problems at an early stage. I’d recommend using it in tandem with InfoTrack’s SDLT return submission tool to save even more processing time.”

Blacks solicitors logo black text on yellow background
Dean Goodwin
Blacks Solicitors

Digital AP1 Hub – for everything you need to know

Our Digital AP1 hub gives you access to tools and resources to ensure you have all the information you need to be prepared for the switch to digital AP1s.

From case studies and webinars to helpful articles, we want to help you maximise your transition with dedicated resources created by our digital AP1 experts. Read on to make the switch effortless.

Ready to make the switch to digital AP1?

We’ve helped over 1,000 firms make switching to digital AP1s stress-free already. Our intuitive dashboard allows you to manage and monitor your AP1 applications with confidence, with pre-population and validations to help minimise the risk of requisitions.

With our unique WhatsApp-style chat solution, you can connect directly with your HMLR caseworker to respond to requisitions and upload additional documents within a single solution.

Take the hassle out of switching to digital AP1, and start your journey with InfoTrack now.


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