SignIT: Electronic Signature Solution for law firms

Experience faster, more convenient document signing with the UK’s first HMLR-compliant solution for electronically signed deeds. 

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InfoTrack's SignIT software on a tablet

Faster return of documents with digital signatures

eSignatures speed up the return of documents, helping you to keep your transactions moving. Digital signing software is already being used by up to 78% of UK law firms across client onboarding, title reports, and Land Registry deeds. SignIT from InfoTrack is a secure, reliable way to obtain client signatures online in moments, whether they’re in the UK or abroad. 

HMLR-compliant eSignature for Deeds software

HM Land Registry has been accepting electronically signed deeds since July 2020, as recognised by Practice Guide 82. Incorporating DocuSign’s eSignature functionality, SignIT provides a digital audit trail for comprehensive tracking information. 

Let technology do the heavy lifting. Remain assured that every digitally signed deed you submit to HMLR is compliant, and we'll stay on top of Land Registry requirements, ensuring you can effortlessly arrange digital signing from anywhere. 



With SignIT, you can guarantee your adherence to all Land Registry requirements, with: 

  • Provision of a conveyancer certification 
  • Witness statements and signatures 
  • Timed and dated signatures 
  • A record of the IP addresses of signing devices 
  • Enhanced security with a 6-digit SMS authentication code 
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How to use SignIT
Using SignIT is simple. Upload any document or contract into InfoTrack, select where you require initials, dates, or signatures using easy drag and drop functionality, and send to your client to review and arrange signing online. Your documents are sent via a secure email link, enabling the recipients to review and digitally sign the document anytime, anywhere. You can add any number of e-signatures required, including purchasers, vendors, witnesses, and more.
Faster return
63% of SignIT documents are returned with electronic signatures within an hour or less, faster than forms sent by post.
More secure
Access added security with an audit trail, a completion certificate returned immediately after signing, and tamper-evident seal.
Ensure HMLR compliance for your electronically signed deeds, complete with a 6-digit OTP and a Certificate of Completion.
Why law firms love SignIT

"Using the InfoTrack SignIT service, we transformed how we engaged with our clients overnight. Signed documents were being returned within hours rather than weeks!"

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Peter Carr
Fisher Jones Greenwood LLP

"We partnered with InfoTrack UK to improve how we deliver digital signatures across our business.
SignIT seamlessly integrates with our existing platform and we're achieving an average turnaround time of under 2 hours, having instant impact on the efficiency of client communications - needless to say, it’s a huge hit with colleagues and recipients!"

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Wayne McMurdock

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