About Us

Since opening in July 2015, InfoTrack continues to grow rapidly in the UK.

Both our core values and our agile approach to evolving technology used in the legal industry have been key enablers in our success.

Our customers see the benefits of using InfoTrack as we offer a range of services and online workflow tools to ensure legal professionals are efficient and reliably informed wherever information is concerned. 

Our brand promise:

  • Provide a professional service that clients will find responsive, honest and timely.
  • Continuously improve our service by proactively welcoming suggestions and seeking feedback.
  • Ensure our clients have all the information they need at their fingertips to run their business efficiently.
  • Provide our customers with relevant and up to date news and publications.
  • Set clear expectations and deliver on those commitments.

If you're ever near to our office in Waterloo, why not pop in and say hello - we're always pleased to welcome visitors.