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Powerful case management integration with InfoTrack streamlines your conveyancing workflow and provides a single source of truth for every transaction.

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A single source of truth to minimise risk associated with using multiple systems – enhancing compliance across your firm.

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Streamlines your workflow to increase efficiency across your firm, using pre-populated data from your matter to reduce rekeying.

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All documents are automatically saved back into your matter within your CMS, no need to save and upload files manually.

Successful integrations ensure minimal risk to firms while supplying maximum benefit for users. At InfoTrack, integrations are part of our DNA, offering comprehensive, complete integrations with more than 12 leading case management systems. Designed to provide your firm with streamlined workflows that save you time and minimise risk, now is the time to embrace the power of integration. 

We now support more than 800 law firms who have connected their case management system with InfoTrack. By enabling the two-way flow of information, data from the matter in your CMS can pre-populate your orders in InfoTrack, with all documents automatically returned within your CMS.  

Benefits of integrating your CMS with InfoTrack

A powerful CMS integration is one of the strengths of a completely digital conveyancing process. By integrating your case management system with InfoTrack, you benefit from: 

  • A single source of truth for improved efficiency, enhanced compliance and mitigating risks associated with rekeying information 
  • A streamlined workflow that enables technology to automate time-consuming administrative tasks so you can focus on practising the work you want to be doing 
  • The key to a powerful digital conveyancing process from end-to-end with everything accessible both within your CMS and InfoTrack 
  • Easily access compliance information within MI-InfoTrack when your PI renewal is due 
  • An exceptional user experience, with logic built-in to only show you the information you require 
  • Detailed insight and real-time alerts accessible within our unique dashboards so you never miss key dates again 
  • Dedicated support, from initial mapping to user support from our Helpdesk team, we’re here to support you every step of the way 

Embrace the power of integration to supercharge your digital conveyancing process. Download a brochure or book a demo today to see how your firm can access the benefits of CMS integration with InfoTrack. 

"Using InfoTrack we are no longer rekeying data, manually saving files or entering costs as integration means everything is automated. Land Registry Searches, Conveyancing Searches, SDLT, and AP1 submissions are a breeze but importantly, the calendar view within InfoTrack of key dates means we now mitigate the risk of missing AP1 requisitions and expiring priorities as an automated task not left open to human frailties. Not only does the integration improve the process and reduce human error, it enables us to provide a much better professional experience for our team which ultimately benefits all our clients. InfoTrack’s integration empowers us to deliver all of this and more with their direct link to Visualfiles."

- Paul Sams, Dutton Gregory

Download a brochure to find out more about CMS integration

benefits of CMS integration

Benefits of CMS Integration

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