Property Report: Create great reports on title every time

Deliver a brilliant, consistently branded report on title for every conveyancing transaction.

Ensure the highest standards for your title reports

Drafting your report on title (ROT) can be a time-consuming process; time is spent collating essential information and analysing the data to create a comprehensive report for every property transaction. Access the flexibility you need to generate consistent, accurate, and compliant title reports to the highest standards with Property Report. 

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What is Property Report?

Property Report is the better way to create accurate, consistent, and reliable reports on title. With its compliance-driven approach, the tool is designed to evolve your reporting process and streamline your workflow. Quickly analysing search, title, and transaction data, Property Report lets you create a tailored report on title that lets your expertise shine while leveraging an always up-to-date content library. And all in a fraction of the time. 

With customisable firm-specific branding, consumer-friendly language, and pre-populated content using data extracted from your matter, it’s the smarter way to report. 

Discover the benefits of using Property Report

Ensure your brand makes an impact with title reports created to the highest standard. Compliant, consistent, and with the flexibility you need, Property Report delivers an exceptional experience, while saving you time on every transaction. Here’s how we do it. 

  • Manage risk better and meet CQS requirements 

Simplify your risk mitigation with confidence an up-to-date trusted content library ensures you’re in line with the latest legislation. Access content including disclaimers, flagged property risks, indemnity suggestions, lender requirements, and more. 

  • Customisation for consistent reports every time 

Personalise your Property Report with firm-specific branding including your logo and colours to deliver a professional report that enhances the client experience. 

  • Flexible reporting for the freedom you need 

Report in stages or create a complete report prior to the exchange of contracts. Your Property Report can be edited and published as many times as required, free of charge. 

  • Save time with automation and pre-population 

Reduce time on admin by identifying covenants, easements, rentcharges, planning permissions, building regulations, and more automatically. Say goodbye to copy and paste with pre-populated content using data extracted directly from data sources within your matter.  

  • One simple workspace 

Manage your entire title reporting process in a single screen. Property Report analyses and assesses risk related to your matter data sources so you only need to focus on relevant content. Review live changes, access a full audit history, and inspect source documents all in the same workspace.  

  • Case Management integration for a single source of truth 

Increase accuracy with CMS integration using information from your CMS to populate transaction information within Property Report. 

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How does Property Report work?
Eliminate the need for multiple documents and build your title reports with one clear, easy-to-use dashboard to create your Property Report in just four simple steps.
Create your workspace
Launch your Property Report workspace from your CMS or browser, select the tenure type, and generate your title report at the click of a button.
Fine-tune for your firm
Use customisable templates so they work for your firm. We help you embed your own wording by default where required, and choose content blocks based on the types of transactions you deal with most.
Maximise trusted content
Draw on search results and data across the transaction using a pre-written library of content to create a comprehensive report for a variety of transaction types.
Edit with audit history
Complete any changes you need during the editing process with a live draft preview, audit history, and tracked changes available for easy navigation of changes before publication.
What our clients say about Property Report

"Property Report [is] an invaluable tool in progressing my files quickly and efficiently. The report covers a very wide range of topics and ensures that my clients are fully appraised of all aspects of the property they are purchasing, but with a fraction of my time as opposed to the time a 'manual' report used to take."

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Tracey Ward

"InfoTrack and LEAP have made a huge difference to the way I work. I love Property Report - what used to take at least half a day now takes half an hour and that in itself is a godsend."

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Suzy Newnham
Good Law Solicitors

"I like using Property Reports which has saved our firm a massive amount of time because the information is generated from data obtained throughout the transaction. It is an easy and intelligent system to use, and saves time and money - I would recommend."

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Joanne Tyler
Tyler Law
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