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Electronic mortgage filing is easy with InfoTrack. Lodge your MR01, MR02, MR04 and MR05 forms online, singularly or in bulk with our direct connection to Companies House. 

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Hassle-free mortgage filing

Traditionally registering charges against a company to Companies House can be an arduous and time-consuming process. This becomes even more apparent when you need to complete and submit multiple MR01, MR02, MR04, or MR05s. It’s why we built our MR forms online, so you can save time and lodge electronic mortgage filing, hassle-free. 

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One platform for bulk MR01, MR02, MR04 and MR05 submissions

When you need to submit multiple forms to Companies House, lodging them can take hours of administrative time. That’s why we’ve created the unique ability to bulk upload company details so you can simultaneously lodge multiple MR01, MR02, MR04 and MR05s for separate companies. Once you submit, your form will be immediately lodged with Companies House and the resulting certificate returned electronically. 

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Details when you need them

Whether you submit an MR01, MR02, MR04 or MR05 through InfoTrack, we always ensure you have access to the information you need. The document and its relevant certificate are stored within InfoTrack for 5 years, and if you use an integrated case management system, it will also automatically be returned to your matter. 

Which Mortgage Registration form do I need?

The relevant MR form you are required to lodge with Companies House depends on what charges or charges-related item you need to register. InfoTrack provide several MR forms online to enable easy electronic submission. 

MR01: Use this to register a charge created or evidenced by an instrument on or after 6 April 2013. 

MR02: Use this to register particulars of a charge where the property has been acquired and the charge was created on or after 6 April 2013. 

MR04: Use this to register a statement of satisfaction in full or in part of a mortgage or charge against a company. 

MR05: Use this to register that the property charged has been released from the charge or no longer constitutes part of the company's property. 

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