InfoTrack and iManage Integration

Streamline your property transaction workflow and minimise risk with integration from InfoTrack and iManage.


Streamline your document management with InfoTrack and iManage

Simplify the management of your conveyancing and commercial real estate transactions with DMS integration from iManage and InfoTrack. Access the information you need, when you need it without switching between platforms for a streamlined workflow.

A completely cloud-based solution, you can access all your commercial property solutions from within the iManage platform. Giving you a single source of truth for every matter, enhance your compliance and mitigate risk with integration between InfoTrack and iManage.

iManage and InfoTrack Integration mock up

Why integrate InfoTrack and iManage?

  • Save time and reduce errors with automated document return directly to your matter. 
  • Streamline your workflow with access to all your key commercial property solutions at the click of a button. 
  • Access digital ID verification, AML, and AP1 services without accessing a separate platform. 
  • Easily add potential hazard searches identified via InfoTrack to your quotes. 
  • Increase productivity with less time spent on administrative processes associated with document management.
  • Enhance compliance and minimise risk by accessing a single source of truth for all your real estate transactions. 
Why clients love InfoTrack and iManage

"The iManage integration ensures all searches and documents requested by our team are automatically saved direct to the relevant client matter in iManage, saving hours of administration time each month for our team. It is very quick and easy to use: we simply click on the InfoTrack feature within iManage and it automatically opens InfoTrack and pre-populates our matter reference into the required field.”

Paul Iannetta
Burness Paull LLP
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