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Easy-to-use mapping tools, fast results, and a wide range of documents are all available at the click of a button through our Land Registry Services.

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Land Registry services are an essential part of every conveyancing transaction to find information on a property. However, it’s not always a simple process to gather the information you need. A lot of time is spent on administrative tasks related to searching the HMLR portal to obtain the documents you need, saving files to your computer and then uploading to a matter. Far from efficient, this process isn’t supporting your firm’s productivity.

With InfoTrack you can order a range of HMLR documents online and have results back within seconds, saved directly into the matter. We have a unique, direct connection with HM Land Registry, which combined with our smart search technology enables you to access the information you need about a property with ease.

Why use InfoTrack for your Land Registry search?

At InfoTrack we believe gathering the details you need about a property should be easy. Search for a wide range of reports about UK properties online, all within a single platform. Combining easy-to-use mapping tools and a range of HMLR documents, you can source everything you need, with results returned directly to your matter within your CMS when integrated.

Whether you’re transacting a commercial or residential property, sourcing Land Registry information can be a tedious task. Our smart technology enables you to source the required Land Registry documents online, including Title Deeds, House Property Ownership Information, SIM searches, and more. You’ll receive multiple documents within moments, these are then stored against your corresponding matter number for easy access to the documents you need at any time.


Which Land Registry services do we offer?

We offer a variety of online searches and several by-request services, including:

  • OC1: Register/Title Plan
  • Address Index Property Search
  • OC2: Document Search
  • Land Charge Bankruptcy Search
  • Land Charge Full Search
  • SIM: Search of Index Map
  • OS1: Official Search of Whole
  • OS2: Official Search of Part
  • Daylist Enquiry
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Intuitive Mapping Tools

Designed to streamline the process, our intuitive mapping tools ensure you can map the boundary of a property easily, quickly order Land Registry title searches online, and access a range of by-request services. Created to simplify the process by accessing the Land Registry National Polygon Dataset, our mapping tools don’t require additional time for training, simply get started and map.

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Land Registry Extract Services

If you're working with large commercial property transactions, our Land Registry Extract service provides access to more intelligent data that’s available to you within four hours of instruction. With our free-to-use service, you'll only pay for the registers or office copies you receive. We offer bulk ordering across OS1, OS2, OC1, and OC2 priority searches for your convenience.

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