REVEAL: Corporate structures simplified, beautifully


Simplify the interpretation and presentation of complex corporate structures and relationships with our impressive data visualisation tool, REVEAL, powered by InfoTrack. 

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Complex corporate structures

Analysing complex company structures and making individual connections between individuals and companies can be a time-consuming and manual task. Do you find yourself reviewing piles of documents, manually drawing charts and diagrams trying to connect the dots? If you’d like to remove this arduous process to allow you to dedicate more time to other tasks, data visualisation is the technology you need. 

Discover data visualisation with REVEAL

Designed to simplify the process behind interpreting and presenting corporate search information, our data visualisation tool, REVEAL, makes light work of an otherwise time-consuming and complicated task. REVEAL is an interactive workspace that simplifies your UK Company search results at the click of a button, making it easy to communicate to your clients and stakeholders, and reducing the analysis process by hours. 

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Clearer data interpretation

Powered by InfoTrack, REVEAL offers a faster, easier way of interpreting and presenting your search information that will save you valuable time and enable you to communicate data in a simple format for your clients. REVEAL is complimentary with every Companies House search ordered through InfoTrack. 

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How does REVEAL work?

  • Eliminates manual analysis of complex company information and relationships. 
  • Uses information from sources including Companies House Beta and Companies House Direct.   
  • View shareholder percentages, information on persons of significant control and historic company events in a single interactive workspace.  
  • Perform follow-on searches directly from REVEAL by clicking on any person, company, or property, with data pre-populated into your search to streamline the process.  
  • Select any date from the company history since its inception to view the corporate structure and events of importance at the time.  
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