Law firm identity checks with confirmly

Mitigate risk and make money transfers safe with trusted, secure technology from confirmly to verify the identity of a law firm.

The safer way to transfer money

Designed specifically for law firms, confirmly is fast, trusted, and secure law firm identity checking technology. confirmly provides real-time monitoring to law firms by harnessing LMS Panel Link and Specialist data to verify details quickly of the other sides' payment details.

Using confirmly, law firms can confirm that conveyancing funds and other monies are being sent to genuine bank accounts and genuine firms, reducing risk and stopping scams.

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How does confirmly work?

Verifying vendor conveyancer details is easy with InfoTrack. Designed to mitigate the risk of funds being lost to fraud, confirmly helps you corroborate the identity of a law firm in real-time. Using LMS' Panel Link data to validate the account details, practicing address, and regulatory body memberships, you can have confidence the details provided are correct.

Your results are returned to InfoTrack immediately so you can verify the authenticity of the law firm, protecting you and making compliance management simple. 

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Why use confirmly and InfoTrack?

  • Information is constantly updated and checked through 1000s of direct interactions each year.
  • Law firms can be notified straight away if they have been involved in a data mismatch.
  • confirmly is an indemnified service up to £250,000, using the same data relied upon and trusted by lenders.
  • Access live and audited data including SRA scam alerts, helping to minimise fraud risk.
  • Data is obtained through LMS Panel Link, a service that connects mortgage lenders with legal firms who meet specific quality, security, and compliance criteria.
  • Complete access within your InfoTrack platform, including automated results returned via CMS integration.
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