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Complete and submit your SDLT form online, for faster, more efficient post-completion management with our award-winning solution.

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Award-winning post-completion management

Looking for a more efficient way to complete your Stamp Duty Land Tax submission online? Our post-completion solution makes completing and submitting your SDLT forms online easier, removing the burden of multiple logins and websites due to our direct connection with HMRC. InfoTrack significantly reduces the time taken to complete and manage submissions, giving you more time to focus on the client relationships and non-administrative tasks.

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Three reasons to use InfoTrack for your online SDLT submission
We’re all short on time, which is why our solution helps you manage your post-completion tasks in five minutes. Here are a few reasons why your firm can benefit from using InfoTrack.
Up to 70% of the forms are pre-populated using data from your matter in InfoTrack.
Speedy return
The SDLT5 is returned in moments and automatically attached to your AP1.
Faster access
Your HMRC credentials are saved, so no need to login or remember them every time.
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Faster, more consistent Stamp Duty online

We understand the need for efficiency in a law firm, which is why we’ve designed clever technology that makes your post-completion process easier. When you use InfoTrack to submit your SDLT online, there’s no need for a guide to decipher Local Authority codes. Smart pre-population completes up to 70% of the forms and the entire process speeds up the return of the SDLT5.

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Smarter post-completion with AP1

Our post-completion solution gives you access to market-leading technology so you can manage the process in just five minutes. Not only do we automatically attach the returned SDLT5 to your AP1, we also have a clever dashboard to submit, manage, and monitor post-completion tasks and never miss key dates again.

What our clients say

"We have used the post-completion facilities for over two years and find submitting AP1s and SDLTs much easier using InfoTrack than going direct, as all the information is pulled through from our case management system which integrates with InfoTrack. This helps make these tasks as quick and as time-saving as possible!"

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What is SDLT?

Stamp Duty Land Tax is a payment liable on the purchase of a property or land within England and Northern Ireland over a certain amount. The amount you pay varies depending on the use of the property, or whether you are a first-time buyer, and must be paid within 14 days of completion.

InfoTrack is registered as a Commercial Software supplier of Stamp Duty Land Tax with HMRC.

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