InfoTrack and LMS Integration

Reduce delays, save time on admin, and streamline the process while keeping lenders up to date with integration from LMS and InfoTrack.

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Automate lender updates with InfoTrack and LMS

Take the hassle out of meeting your charge registration obligations with automated document uploads via the LMS and InfoTrack integration. Saving you time and increasing efficiency in your conveyancing process, you can easily reduce the admin process associated with ensuring Lenders have the information they need, when they need it.

Keep Lenders informed of milestone document updates including priority searches (OS1 & OS2), AP1 registration, and the ability to accept Mortgage Offers via the InfoTrack dashboard. Reducing the need to log in to LMS' ConveyancerZone, it's the effective way to meet Lenders' requirements.

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More convenient services for conveyancers

  • Redemption Statements - Request statements in seconds for free from a growing list of lenders using one simple lender-approved form.
  • Charge Registration - Link your OS1/2 and AP1 for automated Land Registry document return.
  • Mortgage Offers - Receive mortgage offers from lenders directly through InfoTrack.

Benefits of integrating LMS and InfoTrack

  • Save time by linking with LMS for automated document uploads, avoiding logging into ConveyancerZone.
  • Access greater visibility with a dedicated dashboard, including review of incoming offers.
  • Remove the need to manually update lenders, ensuring they always have the latest charge registration documents.
  • Minimise delays associated with missed offers and Lender updates.
  • Access all of your Lender and mortgage-specific details in the same place as the rest of your conveyancing process.

Time-saving features

  • Link mortgage documents directly to your matter in InfoTrack.
  • Automated upload of Land Registry documents once returned for linked OS Priority and AP1s.
  • Clear, easy-to-manage offer notifications for timely updates.
  • Documents linked to Property Report to avoid missing information on title reports.
  • Automatic return of documents to the matter in your CMS if you're integrated.
Why conveyancers love InfoTrack and LMS

"The ability to be able to link applications to LMS Lender-related cases is a huge game-changer. We could not live without it!"

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Kieran Egan
Adkirk Law

"We have used InfoTrack to submit our AP1s for over four years now, and we would never go anywhere else. It pulls through matter information and even links to the LMS portal, saving us all a headache uploading evidence."

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