Digital AML Checks for law firms

Complete your due diligence with confidence it meets regulatory body requirements with our Anti-Money Laundering search. Giving you peace of mind you’re protecting yourself, your clients, and your firm. 

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Complete your AML compliance with confidence

Money laundering costs the UK more than £100 billion pounds every year. Fraud continues to be a major concern for law firms, especially when completing a conveyancing transaction.  

Our online AML checks help you demonstrate your compliance to ensure you’re meeting your customer due diligence requirements. By performing anti-money laundering searches with InfoTrack, you can ensure you’re fully compliant with AMLv5 and meet SRA and CQS standards.  

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Better risk management and fraud prevention 


Trust that you comply with AML regulations for individuals and companies when you order AML checks with InfoTrack. We provide two convenient and trusted AML solutions to suit your needs, our standard digital AML checks for solicitors and One-Click AML embedded in our eCOS digital client onboarding solution

Working with trusted anti-money laundering providers, your client’s identity is checked across databases in 150 countries, so you remain compliant with the European Union's fifth AML Directive.  

AML checks at the click of a button

Built into eCOS, our digital client onboarding solution, One-click AML provides you with faster, more reliable AML checks using data extracted during the digital ID verification process. Our check includes PEPs and sanctions with ongoing monitoring at no additional cost, ensuring you have an additional layer of confidence the data you receive is up to date. 

Why use anti-money laundering checks with InfoTrack? 

Save time, reduce risk, and streamline your AML checks. Performing your AML search through InfoTrack gives you access to a completely online system that pre-populates forms through every stage of the conveyancing transaction using data from your matter. Here are five reasons to use InfoTrack for your Anti-Money Laundering checks:  

  1. Electronic lodging of AML checks is faster and removes the need for the customer to be present. 
  2. Your ‘pass’, ‘fail’ or ‘Review’ result is delivered within seconds, instantly providing you with the right information. 
  3. A clever dashboard helps you to track all your clients and their results in addition to new status alerts. 
  4. Ongoing monitoring and alerts throughout the length of the transaction, with emphasis on PEPs and sanctions registers. 
  5. The result update tool lets you amend results without ordering another search once you’ve reviewed results or performed additional checks. 

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