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Depending on which authority you’re working with, Official Local Authority Searches can take a significant amount of time to be returned and prices vary, which can become costly. This can affect how you quote and manage the expectations of your client. That's why at InfoTrack, we give you the power of choice. Both Regulated/Personal (RLAS) or Official/Council (OLAS) Local Authority Searches are available through our platform, so you can always choose the best option for every conveyancing transaction.

What’s the difference between RLAS and OLAS?

Our Regulated Local Authority Search (RLAS), sometimes known as a personal search, mirrors the content of the Official Local Authority Search (OLAS) with the addition of extra benefits. As standard, we include client and conveyancer summaries as well as £10m Professional Indemnity on every report. Now accepted by the majority of mortgage lenders, RLAS is the popular choice for law firms across the UK.


The Regulated Local Authority Search also provides additional information for homebuyers with a buyers' summary included for a personal touch. To ensure consistency across every report we use a standardised format presented in an easy-to-review layout, so you can find the information you need faster, saving time for you and your clients. With comparable turnaround times and a fixed price regardless of Local Authority, RLAS is the perfect alternative to the OLAS.

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What does a Local Authority Search include?

Local Authority Searches are made up of two parts - the LLC1 and the CON29. The LLC1 covers charges or restrictions related to a property or area of land, such as listed buildings or tree preservation orders. The CON29 covers information related to public highways, rail and road planning that could affect the property, breaches of planning or building regulations, outstanding statutory notices or any existing compulsory purchase orders.

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Get more out of your Local Authority Searches with Property Report

If you order your searches through InfoTrack, you can generate a report on title in minutes with Property Report. By extracting data from your matter including conveyancing search results and Title Register data, pre-populated content written in easy-to-digest language automates the generation of a report on title.

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