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Verify the legitimacy of a vendor’s solicitor with Lawyer Checker, helping you to mitigate risk associated with the transactions, with results returned immediately. 

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Due Diligence you can trust

Law firms know how crucial a robust due diligence process is, not only to protect your client, but also yourself and your firm. Lawyer Checker software helps you complete due diligence checks with confidence using a tool designed to help fight identity fraud. Lawyer Checker confirms account details and whether the account in question has previously acquired funds related to conveyancing transactions. 

Why should you check a lawyer?

Conveyancing fraud continues to grow and the implications for home movers are serious.  Some of these fraud cases can be avoided by checking if the vendor's lawyer is fraudulent. Just as it's crucial to verify the details of your client, you should check the details of the other side's solicitor too. Identifying if firms or solicitors are bogus, Lawyer Checker’s software can help you verify a third party as genuine. You can read more about conveyancing scams with the SRA’s warning notices. 

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How does Lawyer Checker work?

Verifying vendor conveyancer details is easy with InfoTrack. Simply enter the details along with the account information and Lawyer Checker will search to check whether there are records of previous use for the account. Your results are returned immediately to help you judge the authenticity of the lawyer, helping to protect you and your firm against fraud. 

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What results does Lawyer Checker through InfoTrack return?

Three results can be returned – frequent, infrequent, or unknown. If results are inconclusive or without previous record, the system checks against more than 10 additional databases to build a profile of legitimacy for the account. If both frequent and infrequent activity is associated with the account you will also be provided with specific dates of when other conveyancers have checked the account. Unknown and infrequent results should be investigated further to determine their legitimacy.  

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