Conveyancing Mapping Tools

Connecting you with hundreds of data layers for better informed decisions, InfoTrack’s mapping tools enable you to easily locate, map, and explore any property boundary.

Get more from your mapping with intelligent data layers

It is essential to easily locate and define a search boundary when ordering searches. Our intuitive mapping tools simplify the process by accessing the Land Registry National Polygon Dataset and hundreds of data mapping layers so you can access the information you need.

Benefits of ForeSite Commercial Mapping

Better data means better-informed decisions. Connecting you with reliable data and insights you can act on, InfoTrack helps you access the information you need early in the due diligence process. Giving you greater visibility and helping you to manage expectations, our integrated mapping tools can improve your commercial property transactions by:

  • Providing 100+ crucial data layers overlaid on street view, black and white, colour maps, and more.
  • Enabling you to identify risks early and extract all relevant hazards and digital data sets in just three clicks.
  • Creating a collaborative workspace with annotations and highlighted risks to share with your developer clients through an interactive and shareable report.
  • Digitising Title and Ownership information with illustrative maps using interactive visualisation for easy-to-view insight.
  • Facilitating faster risk assessments to make data-driven decisions for a better client experience, including improved quote accuracy.
ForeSite data mapping layers

Features of ForeSite

  • Illustrative maps that bring titles to life, helping you to visualise titles and provide insight about land composition.
  • An interactive mapping workspace that eliminates multiple hard copy references, so you can instantly plot your titles directly on a digital map.
  • Data Snapshot allows you to create rapid risk assessments before searches are ordered so you’re informed early on.
  • Company Ownership information is available at the start of a transaction with our Proprietor Name Check (PNC) so you can identify properties owned or mortgaged by a specific company.

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commercial mapping isometric

Flexible searching

Gain access to more than 100 data sources for overlaid information on our mapping solution encompassing the following data sets:

  • Planning Applications
  • Registered Boundaries
  • Highways
  • Listed Buildings
  • Designated Protected Areas
  • Tree Preservation Orders
  • Conservation Areas
  • Freeport and Tax Custom Sites
  • And more...

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