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Keep up to date with lender requirements by accessing the UK Finance Lender Handbook via InfoTrack, including alerts to monitor changes. 

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With changes occurring within the mortgage market regularly, it’s important to stay on top of the latest information to ensure you’re compliant and avoid delays during a property transaction. The UK Finance Mortgage Lenders' Handbook includes detailed instructions for conveyancers acting on behalf of lenders during residential conveyancing transactions. 

You can access and monitor Lender requirements with the UK Finance Lender Handbook via InfoTrack. Inclusive of Part 1 and 2, you can easily obtain the main instructions and each lender's specific requirements relating to the main instructions. Accessible in the same platform as your other due diligence services, keeping up to date on lender requirements just became easier. 

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What does the Lender Handbook via InfoTrack offer?

Staying on top of changing lender requirements and instructions shouldn’t be a chore, make it easier when you set up alerts through InfoTrack. 

  • Search for updates and changes historically made by the Lender to Part 2 of the Handbook.   
  • Set up and manage alerts to monitor any changes made.   
  • View the complete handbook for over 125 lenders. 
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What is the Lender Handbook?

The UK Finance Lenders' Handbook gives detailed instructions for conveyancers acting on behalf of lenders in residential conveyancing transactions. The Lenders' Handbook is split into two parts. Part 1 provides the main instructions, and Part 2 lists each lender's specific requirements relating to the main instructions. It is not compulsory for lenders to use the Lenders' Handbook. Lenders' initial directions to conveyancers will confirm if they are required to follow the Lenders' Handbook. The Lenders' Handbook relates to England and Wales, Scotland, the Isle of Man and Northern Ireland. 

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