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Sourcing dissolved company information can be tricky. Make finding information the details you need easier and ensure you are reliably information with dissolved company searches from InfoTrack. 

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More than half of all dissolved companies in the UK are not held in Companies House Beta. This makes finding the information you need about a dissolved company difficult to search for. We understand the need for reliable data and a full picture, which is why our Dissolved Companies Searches find the information you need by searching against the full repository of company filings to ensure you're reliably informed. 

How does it work?

With our Dissolved Companies Search you can order individual documents or a General Company Package with results returned to you in a single PDF for easy reference. Returned immediately within InfoTrack, your Dissolved Company Search will be stored alongside your matter number and pushed to your case management system if integrated.  

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Need more information?

If you want to order additional searches, we’ve made it simple. Just navigate using the tabs across the top of your results window and order the searches you need. You can also request other documents that aren’t immediately available and we’ll notify you by email once they've been returned. Further company information is also available with our UK Company Searches.

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What is a dissolved company?

When a company has been struck off Companies House, it becomes a dissolved company. Companies House is the public register where information is displayed about a business. Dissolution is used to close down a limited company, removing it from the register at Companies House. Once removed from the register, the company no longer legally exists. 

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