Land Registry Bankruptcy Search

Complete your conveyancing bankruptcy searches quickly and easily using our integration with HM Land Registry, all from within a single platform.  

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Essential protection

Due diligence remains one of the most essential parts of the conveyancing process, ensuring both your firm and your clients are protected. Performing your Land Registry bankruptcy search early in the transaction can identify potential issues upfront, meeting lender requirements to protect all parties involved in a conveyancing transaction. 

Integrated for faster due diligence

We understand you need to access bankruptcy search information with fast, accurate results. Our connection with the Land Registry ensures you’re able to complete your bankruptcy search through InfoTrack, providing a single platform to complete all your due diligence and search requirements. With all results returned directly to InfoTrack, documentation is stored for up to seven years alongside the corresponding matter reference. If your case management system is integrated with InfoTrack, all results will also automatically be saved back to your matter in your CMS too. 

When do I need a bankruptcy search?

If you are acting for a lender in connection with a charge over an interest in property, a bankruptcy search with HM Land Registry should always be made under the Land Charges Act 1972 (LCA 1972) against the following: 

  • The borrower 
  • Any third party mortgagor 
  • Any guarantor for the borrower 

It is also recommended that your bankruptcy search is completed at the same time as your Anti-Money Laundering and Lawyer Checker searches. You can complete all of these tasks within InfoTrack, for a streamlined digital conveyancing process. 

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