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Laura Liddell

We have been using the InfoTrack system for around four months now, initially trialling the system in one single conveyancing team. Feedback has been so good that we’ve rolled it out across all our teams and we couldn’t be more impressed. The ordering of conveyancing information is quick and intuitive with a good variety of services to pick and choose from. It definitely saves us time throughout a live transaction and assists with maintaining a tidy and accurate record. The biggest win for us has been significant time saving and accuracy improvements in our post completion team. In a very short space of time we’ve halved our requisition rate with HMLR and we’re able to submit applications far more easily than we ever have before. Customer support is second to none with an easy feedback system and a team ready and willing to take suggestions on board. We can’t wait for the service to be integrated into our case management system.

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Wollen Michelmore

Clive Meredith

After a period of integration we’ve now fully adopted InfoTrack searches and AML modules. Both modules are integrated with SOS connect allowing client data to be brought through from Connect into the InfoTrack forms saving users time and preventing duplication of data entry. All documents are saved back automatically into the matter and costs get written to the ledger. As a reasonably larger firm, this saves a huge amount of time and it has given us a scalable solution for growth. We’ve been really impressed with the software. However, it’s not just the software we’ve been impressed with. InfoTrack’s customer service is without doubt the best we’ve received from any third party software supplier. They are responsive, proactive and a joy to deal with.

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Dutton Gregory

Paul Sams

InfoTrack has allowed us to streamline the process of conveyancing even more particularly with the more mundane but crucial administrative tasks. Searches and indemnity policies are easy to order but the jewel in the crown has to be the integration with the HM Land Registry system. It allows registrations to be applied for in seconds as opposed to minutes. The ability to reply to requisitions by the click of one button also helps to save vital time that can be spent dealing with clients. If I ever had another child I might call them InfoTrack I like the system that much. I expect they might get some funny looks at school though with that name.

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Fraser Shuba

InfoTrack has achieved real time savings for our firm. It has allowed us to speed up internal processes while meeting compliance obligations. The system is simple with relevant information accessible before ordering searches, including estimated timescales for returned results which helps us to communicate with clients. The platform is easy-to-use, integrated with Companies House, HMRC and the Land Registry, and enables us to deal with any requisitions in real time – faster and easier than using HMLR’s network access. The customer service is above excellent. We are able to feedback ideas for changes which are listened to and acted upon – the platform is evolving all the time. InfoTrack is an intuitive, easy-to-use platform for multiple products in one place.

Fisher Jones Greenwood

Peter Carr

“InfoTrack are core partners for Fisher Jones Greenwood. We wouldn’t consider any other service provider. The price is comparable to the competition and the value-add from the portal on its own is worth it. But with the Tikit P4W integration it really does yield savings and ensures our compliance. InfoTrack are very proactive and understand that everything needs to be seamless. The system has saved our post-completion team 20% of the time it used to take and our finance team are no longer trying to marry up slips or chase disbursements. The system guides you through the portal and mitigates risk as it reminds you searches are expiring. It was an absolute no-brainer, that’s exactly how a piece of software should work.”

Gordons LLP

Stephen Hunter

"Helping the business transform from a traditionally office-based business to a more digitised remote working model has been my greatest achievement this year. Using InfoTrack has given us a solid platform to service our clients in a consistent manner. The partner integration delivers great efficiencies when processing residential and commercial property matters. The InfoTrack team are receptive to listen to ideas and work collaboratively on how to enhance the functionality of the system."

Alsters Kelley LLP

Cathy Wahlberg

“We engaged InfoTrack to provide an integration with our Case Management System, Tikit P4W, when we were looking to improve our efficiency, but what we’ve found is that the InfoTrack platform goes beyond just integration. We’ve got the expected benefits of integration of our own data population, but we also really love operating on a single platform. SDLT, searches, Land Registry, all in one place without multiple logins, and we spend far less time doing our AP1s. But what was really important to us is the service that we’ve had from InfoTrack, which is genuinely brilliant. We get really thorough follow-up on all our enquiries and there are a lot of features that help us stay on top of important things like expiring MS1s. ”

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