How digital is your conveyancing process?

Last year, over 300 firms took their Digital Conveyancing Assessment, and helped create the sector's first  Digital Maturity Index - a tool that helps both track the pace of digital adoption in conveyancing, and provides key benchmarks that enable firms to understand how they compare with their peers

As we look to 2024, we've updated the assessment to take account of the numerous changes we've seen in the last year and ensure that the index's findings offer a true reflection of what conveyancers are seeing and doing in the real world.

Take your survey by clicking the link on the right and still take the 5-minute survey and get a free personalised digital conveyancing maturity assessment for your business.

Find out the answers to these questions:

  • Which areas of the conveyancing process are excelling when it comes to digital adoption?
  • What opportunities are firms missing?
  • What can we, as an industry, do next to be more digital?




Discover just how digitally mature the conveyancing industry is, which technologies are having the biggest impact on firms, and where you stand.

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