Is service or expertise more important for law firms?

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Are service and knowledge mutually exclusive elements of the wider home moving experience, or are they intrinsically tied? The relationship between the two will no doubt vary by firm and individual clients. Although, in a changing consumer landscape there is a paradigm shift toward customers prioritising service. 

Research conducted by the SRA in 2018 highlighted some key areas of concern within the conveyancing sector, with 37% of consumers finding their solicitor slow or inefficient. A further 22% also listed poor communication as an issue they faced throughout the home moving process. 

First-time buyers and sellers were the most likely to state their solicitors didn’t provide a clear explanation of the process with two in every five needing more information according to the SRA research. The research signifies a gap in the consumer knowledge of the home moving process, with the expectation that their solicitor will provide the necessary information. 

What is clear from the research is the greatest complaints relate to perceived service levels. With 38% of consumers shopping around to find their conveyancing in 2020 according to the report, How Consumers are choosing, service should be top of mind for law firms. How has this changed with the increased uptake of digital solutions throughout 2020?  

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Using technology to service consumer expectations

Technology can be used as a facilitator to bridge these knowledge gaps while also improving service levels, taking a holistic approach toward the customer experience. The call for ‘clearer conveyancing’ presents opportunities for firms to embrace technology that automates administrative tasks and allows them to focus on their legal expertise while disseminating information to their clients.  

Apps in the market give firms the ability to provide regular updates to their clients every step of the processDigital forms and e-signature technology are evolving the market, giving home movers the choice to access them when and where is most convenient for them. Automation that enables the collation and analysis of complex information to provide home movers with an easy-to-understand report on title are in demand. It’s all about clarity to deliver an experience that meets the expectations of consumers. 

Utilising technology that is available in the market empowers firms to navigate the balancing act between knowledge and service to deliver a cohesive customer experience that delivers on home mover expectations. In a climate where the experience takes centre stage, it is clear knowledge and service must coexist rather than be treated as separate entities  

Written By
Bronwyn Townsend
Senior Marketing Manager
Published 26 April 2021

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