LMS launches confirmly with InfoTrack to safeguard conveyancing process

LMS has announced the launch of confirmly exclusively with InfoTrack via API: a fast, trusted and secure law firm identity checking technology.

LMS, the UK’s leading panel management specialist, has announced the launch of confirmly: a fast, trusted and secure law firm identity checking technology, designed to reduce risk and prevent scams when transferring conveyancing funds and client monies.

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Confirmly provides real-time monitoring for law firms by harnessing LMS Panel Link and specialist data to verify bank account details. In addition to the utilisation of LMS Panel Link, confirmly also has access to eCOT expertise, as well as gathering information from trusted 3rd party sources to help reduce the risks associated with money transfers. Law firms can therefore be confident that transactions are being sent to genuine bank accounts and firms, providing them with greater peace of mind, so much so that LMS will provide law firms with an indemnity against the results.

The new service is launching exclusively with InfoTrack via API, and will soon be available via other integrators and direct via

Scott Bozinis, CEO at InfoTrack, said:

“We are excited to be the first integrated partner to offer LMS’ confirmly through our platform.

Both InfoTrack and LMS are committed to collaborative innovation and confirmly is an exciting addition to our award-winning solutions.

The benefits of confirmly being indemnified as well as being simple and easy to access make this a great tool in the fight against fraud and reducing transactional risk.”

Travis Scholes, Commercial Director at LMS, said:

“At LMS we are dedicated to making the mortgage market a more secure and reliable place to do business. We have identified from our systems that there is nearly there is nearly a 5% error rate when law firms are checking their data before transferring funds*. The fact that we are providing an indemnity demonstrates our confidence in our product and serves as an extra level of security for our law firm users.”

We are really excited about confirmly’s integration with InfoTrack. Collaboration is at the heart of our strategy and we want to ensure that all of our services are as accessible as possible to the sector.”

*Based on November 2021 figures from the previous 12 months

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Published 17/2/2022
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