Case Study: Weightmans are driving efficiency through InfoTrack's legal technology

Uncover how Weightmans are using InfoTrack’s award-winning technology to drive efficiency and transform their processes in the conveyancing process.

Weightmans is a Top 40 UK law firm who are dedicated to driving efficiency in their processes. Partnering with InfoTrack, they’ve been able to deliver better customer service, better residential reports, and improve their requisition management.

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We spoke with Weightmans Associate, Anthony Howarth, to understand the impact using InfoTrack to manage their conveyancing tasks has had on the firm.

From introducing automation in their process to reduce the administrative burden on their team, to creating high-quality, professional title reports that they instruct their clients to use an ‘instruction book for ownership’, they’ve found a plethora of benefits since switching.

“We are finding Property Report useful now to the point that it’s almost completely taken place of the old title check sheets that we previously used,” says Anthony.

With easy access to great customer support, improved mapping that makes managing new build projects easier, and making sure the firm can maintain profitability in line with fee levels, Weightmans are finding it easier to manage the entire conveyancing process.

Download the case study now to discover how InfoTrack has transformed Weightmans conveyancing process through a platform designed to make the whole process more convenient.

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Published 27/7/2023
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