Moerans Solicitors: "It’s life-changing. Why I’ll always use InfoTrack "

From performing post completion tasks in 25% less time to saving two hours in every title report created, discover why Moerans Solicitors will always use InfoTrack.

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Moerans Solicitors is a firm renowned for its personalised service and commitment to quality. In 2019, they made a pivotal choice to transition to InfoTrack for their conveyancing services. The move was spearheaded by Steven Lux, Partner and Head of Conveyancing, after he joined the firm. We caught up with him to understand why InfoTrack has become an indispensable part of the firm’s story. 

Switching to InfoTrack has resulted in Moerans Solicitors

hours saved per title report
faster to perform post completion tasks
fewer AP1 requisitions

The digital dawn – a journey begins 

Having qualified in 2003, Steven Lux, Partner and Head of Conveyancing, was no stranger to the intricacies of conveyancing. His journey with different firms acquainted him with the challenges of switching to new processes. He first encountered InfoTrack during a locum position where the firm had embraced InfoTrack as an experimental move. Steven tells us, “The firm decided to give InfoTrack a try to see if it was any better, and it actually was.” 

The benefits of the digital conveyancing platform stuck with him, and the decision to introduce InfoTrack at Moerans Solicitors was swiftly made and implemented. “When I started, that was one of the first phone calls I made. I said, ‘I need an InfoTrack account at my new firm, and I need it yesterday’,” Steven recalls. 

Joining a new firm is challenging, especially when you inherit legacy systems and ongoing cases. Taking on files from his predecessors meant diving into ongoing matters with their associated challenges, such as delays in obtaining indemnity insurance policies. Steven's hope was to start fresh, and introducing InfoTrack at Moerans offered him just that. 

Efficiency under one roof  

Adoption of digital tools has streamlined the process for Moerans Solicitors, from onboarding to post completion. “With InfoTrack it's all under one roof, it's under one login, and it's all there together,” Steven explains. 

InfoTrack’s electronic client onboarding solution (eCOS) has been a game-changer for the firm. As Steven puts it, “We really like eCOS because it means we haven't got to print or send documents out.” This has significantly improved the client experience, saving days by instantly delivering documents directly to clients’ inboxes.  

This efficiency extends across the entire conveyancing process, reducing time spent on Land Registry and SDLT tasks by at least 30 minutes per transaction. When it comes to title reports, what used to take days has been reduced to a matter of hours thanks to Property Report. “[With Property Report] you've got it all there. Your search is there, you can quickly scroll through it, tick the boxes, done,” explains Steven.  

Streamlined workflows: The power of two-way integration with ALB

Moerans Solicitors has integrated the firm's case management system, ALB, with InfoTrack, creating a two-way connection that plays a pivotal role in their information management strategy. Steven says, “Everything that comes in gets scanned and added to the system, then it's all securely stored within ALB. Even emails are seamlessly transferred, ensuring our records are as up to date as possible.” 

The integration simplifies their workflow by condensing it into one simple process. Steven shares, “You hit 'import,' and it instantly presents all the documents from ALB, making the uploading process smoother and quicker.”  

Steven highlights the improvement in managing admin-heavy conveyancing tasks, such as submitting the SDLT and AP1. He explains, “As we have everything in ALB, we can import completed documents straight away without having to worry about scanning, saving, and then uploading to the Land Registry website.” 

“The integration just makes sense. Now, when an email arrives, I know the attached document will be in the InfoTrack folder for the related matter in the blink of an eye.” 

Better client experience and attracting new business 

At Moerans, prioritising client satisfaction is non-negotiable. The firm’s foundational principles revolve around providing a service that prioritises their clients' needs. Onboarding digitally with eCOS aligns with this ethos. Steven endorses the platform's user-friendliness, and clients have echoed the praise, deeming it 'brilliant’. 

The ease of use has become a significant selling point, drawing the attention of potential clients. “A friend of mine said, ‘I knew you did that for a living. We should have come to you for our conveyancing’,” shares Steven. 

Stress-free compliance maintenance 

Conveyancers often grapple with the task of maintaining compliance amid a shifting regulatory landscape. InfoTrack provides the team at Moerans respite from this stress. “We proudly hold CQS accreditation and using InfoTrack ensures we effortlessly check off multiple compliance boxes,” Steven explains.  

eCOS helps deliver enhanced client due diligence through advanced AML checks and aligns with the Land Registry ID standard through Verification of Identity (VOI). “This approach ensures Land Registry compliance and fulfils our CQS compliance requirements,” Steven says. 

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The firm also maintains a steadfast focus on employee well-being, using the latest technology to reduce administrative burden. Steven notes, “If you're having a particularly stressful or long day with lots of complex applications, being able to complete tasks in just three clicks makes life a lot easier.” 

Additionally, with InfoTrack’s ‘populate AP1s from deeds’ feature Moerans’ can remove the work of data re-entry. Now, the firm has increased confidence that the information input is accurate. As Steven says, “It reduces the likelihood of errors and name-related mistakes.” 

The InfoTrack advantage 

InfoTrack gives Moerans’ the unique advantage of managing a matter through the entire conveyancing lifecycle. It's accessible and user-friendly, offering peace of mind. Steven adds, “Using CMS integration locks you into that specific matter and removes the chance of accidentally working on the wrong case, making everything notably smoother.” 

Steven's advice to peers is straightforward: “Is InfoTrack as good as I say it is? It is. Get a demonstration and see how you find it. It'll be life changing.” 

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