Oliver & Co: Reclaiming 50 hours a month on administrative tasks

Improved compliance management, faster client support, and saving 50 hours every month, this is how Oliver & Co are transforming the client onboarding process with eCOS.

Anita Gillam from Oliver and co

Oliver & Co, a 100% employee-owned law firm based in Chester, is embracing digital tools for their onboarding process. Their goal is simple yet powerful: to provide exceptional legal services through a unified platform. Anita Gillam, Licensed Conveyancer, reveals how InfoTrack is making their client onboarding efficient and accurate. 

Switching to InfoTrack has resulted in: 

  • Saving 50 hours per month on administrative tasks. 
  • Faster client support with queries managed in minutes per matter. 
  • Increased confidence in compliance with regulatory requirements. 

Why Oliver & Co chose eCOS 

Driven by significant advancements in ID verification technology, such as RFID chip recognition, and automated liveness checks, digital onboarding has been a hot topic of conversation. Oliver & Co, firmly embraced this, including the convenience of digital onboarding for their clients. 

At the heart of the firm’s mission is a desire to change how clients perceive lawyers and legal services by making it a stress-free experience. Recognising the importance of a cohesive system, they sought a solution that could unify all their client onboarding tasks.  

When asked why they chose eCOS, InfoTrack’s digital onboarding solution, Anita states, "Compliance, risk assessment, and a user-friendly experience for our clients were a priority for us,” and eCOS could deliver on all fronts. 

Oliver and co case study quote about ecos

One place, one platform – saving time for clients and conveyancers 

The firm now have access to everything they need without having to manage multiple platforms and stakeholders. With eCOS, clients are spared the need to visit the offices for onboarding, resulting in an impressive 90% reduction in face-to-face interactions.  

Oliver & Co have reduced the time taken to onboard client from weeks to just a few days. Previously, the process was hindered by the number of disparate moving parts, meaning it could drag on for weeks. But with eCOS, documents are returned within the same day or shortly after.  

Anita says, “We've got all the information we need at our fingertips. It's just easy, it's all there in one place, all in one platform.” Viv McGreary, Legal Secretary at Oliver & Co also attests to this explaining that she finds it easier to access all the required documents through eCOS. 

Time savings don’t stop there. Now, with automated reminder notifications, they no longer need to chase clients to request documents or wait for completed forms. “On the whole, it saves us at least a week, cutting that wait time out perfectly,” Anita explains. 

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Navigating compliance with ease

eCOS was the clear choice for the firm’s digital onboarding solution, not least because of its crucial contribution to their compliance process. As Anita explains, “We're CQS accredited, so we have to maintain compliance with CQS standards, insurer requirements, AML fifth directive, and similar mandates.”  

eCOS empowers the firm to order AML checks with just one click using the data from their client’s ID verification. “Before, we would have to manually request the AML, now it does it all for you,” says Anita. If any red flags emerge, Anita shares that, “eCOS flags up any potential risks to us, so we can do further risk assessments and checks.”  

Using a digital identity verification procedure provides the firm with an added layer of confidence, helping them tackle increased regulation on fraud prevention. “We're able to verify our client’s ID across a range of databases, giving us the assurance we need,” Anita confirms.  

With eCOS, Oliver & Co can confidently navigate compliance challenges, knowing that the system is designed to support them in meeting compliance requirements and staying up to date with ever-changing regulations. Anita shares, “We know that InfoTrack are always looking at what's coming, always developing, and complying with the Law Society.” 

The solution: an intuitive, user-friendly platform to increase client confidence 

Client experience is at the core of Oliver & Co's approach, meaning the firm tailors services accordingly. This client-centric ethos extends to the platform they've embraced to support their processes. Anita highlights, “Sometimes clients don't like sending things over email, so to be able to do it via an onboarding app provides them with a different, safer option.” 

Recognising the importance of digital accessibility, Oliver & Co aims to elevate the client experience and keep pace with evolving market needs. “Most clients like to see firms that are tech-savvy and allow them to do things all in one place, like through an app, which makes the process simpler for them,” Anita explains.  

To create a truly seamless experience for their clients, the firm makes use of eCOS’ enhanced consumer support. “If we're having issues where we can't help the clients, we allow them to contact the InfoTrack support team.” With eCOS, they benefit from more than just technology but also personalised assistance from a team of experts. 

Support extends throughout eCOS, carefully designed with the user experience in mind. Clients benefit from a user-friendly interface that fosters independence, empowering them to navigate the system with confidence. As a result, the administrative burden of managing client queries has reduced significantly, saving the team up to 50 hours per month. The combination of digital onboarding and human support has proven to be a winning formula for exceptional service. 

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