Saving 500 hours annually with Contract of Sale

Find out how switching to digital contract packs removed stress and avoided unnecessary task repetition for Thomas Flavell & Sons' conveyancing team.

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Thomas Flavell & Sons is a law firm with a 200-year history serving the local community in Leicestershire and Warwickshire. Transforming from a traditional high street firm to a forward-thinking legal practice, the firm is embracing technology to deliver exceptional service to their clients.

Service excellence coupled with a focus on adapting to the ever-changing legal market led Thomas Flavell & Sons to InfoTrack with the aim of improving efficiency in their conveyancing workflow. Sarah Workman, Conveyancing Manager, shares with us how the firm is saving 500 hours annually by switching to digital contract packs.

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“Knowing you’ve got a contract pack to send out and that you can do it in five minutes and then move on to the next task is more efficient and more effective for us and our support staff.”
Sarah Workman, Conveyancing Manager
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