Populate AP1s from Deeds

Further reduce requisitions and admin with Smart AP1s that populate data automatically from existing documents

AI enabled Smart AP1s make post completion even easier

By leveraging the latest AI and document reading technology, you can now automatically extract data from TR1s, TP1s and Charges.

Our system will then populate and validate your AP1, with any discrepancies highlighted to enable swift reconciliation.

Making mismatched data a thing of the past

InfoTrack’s clients already enjoy requisition rates 30% lower than average, but data from Land Registry and our own records shows that a significant number of requisitions across the sector stem from mismatches between TR1s, TP1s, Charges and the AP1.

Our AI-enabled AP1 solution is unique in its ability to intelligently minimise data mismatches, and flag areas that require verification, dramatically reducing the likelihood of a requisition.

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How AI is making a difference....

“I just wanted to say that I love the new AI functionality. It pulls through the information correctly every time.

It’s already saving us so much time both populating the AP1 for us, and in highlighting anything that needs review and I expect it to make a big difference to the team, and to our clients, in helping us turn around transactions faster.”

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