One-click AML

Knowing your Customer starts with eCOS

Manage your Anti Money Laundering checks in a single click via eCOS, our digital portal combining all key onboarding processes in a single platform.

Complete your AML checks in a single click

One-click AML from eCOS is built into our comprehensive digital client onboarding solution, meaning that you can instantly order an AML check from information extracted from your ID check.

You don’t even need to touch your keyboard: The check will be completed automatically after the ID check and both sets of results are returned within minutes.

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If you're already using eCOS for your Verification of Identity checks, you can start using One-Click AML today. 

To find out how, complete the adjacent form, or contact your account manager.

Not a customer yet?  no problem. Complete the form and one of our team will be in touch.  

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