Companies House Information: the missing puzzle pieces

This report explores insights into industry use of Companies House information for more than 170 law firm information professionals.

Law firms face a range of challenges when sourcing company information. In an industry where accuracy and speed are paramount, legal professionals need to access the whole story. Unfortunately, pieces of the puzzle are often missing with the data currently available from Companies House because sometimes the information has been removed from online systems or destroyed. Given data sourcing of company information is crucial to numerous processes, legal practitioners need to ensure the reliability of the information without question.

Companies House Information: the missing puzzle pieces is a new research piece from InfoTrack in conjunction with BIALL, and features the responses of more than 170 information professionals from law firms of varying sizes and specialities that use Companies House data. In this report you will learn:

  • The availability of company information for legal professionals
  • Concerns of information gaps within Companies House data
  • The importance of whole company information and its uses
  • The future of company information searches

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