5. Evaluate your AP1 draft and approval process

Often a post-completion team will assign certain different people internally with the role of drafting, reviewing and ultimately submitting applications. When the forms move online the process for doing this will need to adapt by firms. Currently, the Land Registry’s DRS doesn’t allow multiple users with different login to review the same applications. Firms will need to work out how to review applications made online, whilst ensuring they do not duplicate or lose data, which would obviously cause serious delays.

Our interactive AP1 management system provides firm-wide transparency across all AP1 applications to ensure post-completion teams can easily locate and process applications. This includes the ability to allocate different tasks to different team members including drafting and approving.

6. Start training now

We’re confident that this new system will improve the accuracy of submissions, help reduce requisitions and ultimately speed up the process but, you can never be too prepared. To get ahead of the deadline, firms must ensure their teams are ready for the migration to completely digital AP1 applications. This means working with the new systems, setting up new processes, and training the people involved. We know from experience that this takes time, so we’d urge all firms to start organising themselves around the new digital approach sooner rather than later.

With more than half a million AP1s submitted digitally via InfoTrack since 2016, we’re the leading provider that can help you navigate the changes in a way that will actually improve the way you work. Not only will you have access to a tried and tested system that can pre-populate up to 90% of the AP1 for you, we can also integrate with over a dozen leading case management systems to make like even easier. And to support you in making the change we'll provide a dedicated account manager, free training, and access to expert helpdesk advisers every step of the way.