HMLR announces deadline for digital AP1 submission

Take the challenge out of switching to digital AP1 applications. With more than half a million digital AP1s submitted to HMLR via InfoTrack, over 1,100 firms are already submitting their digital applications without the stress.

“Using InfoTrack, SDLT and AP1 submissions are a breeze, but importantly, the calendar view within InfoTrack of key dates means we now mitigate the risk of missing AP1 requisitions and expiring priorities as the task is automated and not left open to human frailties.”

Paul Sams, Partner, Dutton Gregory

Designed to give you greater transparency across your applications, our AP1 dashboard makes managing, submitting, and monitoring your digital AP1 easy.

To ensure switching to digital applications is hassle-free, our post-completion solution streamlines the process with:

  • Up to 90% of the AP1 form pre-populated using data from your matter.
  • The SDLT5 is automatically attached.
  • An intuitive dashboard to manage and monitor applications so you never miss key dates.
  • A direct connection with HMLR to respond to requisitions and provide additional documents through a WhatsApp-style chat solution.
  • Simplified form-filling to include applicant roles, a Land Registry calculator, and Lender details, and Panel 13 is already completed for you.
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