Home Moving in the Age of the Consumer

Technology is transforming how consumers live their lives. They can book a holiday in the middle of the night, buy a car at their desk, and even browse for properties online. The expectation for many is that the need to provide a digital service is now not only a requirement, but a means to a better service. Although home moving can sometimes be portrayed as a restrictive process, conveyancers are not immune from the changes that have taken place in the consumer world.

Home Moving in the Age of the Consumer is a new research piece from InfoTrack, and features the responses of 1,000 consumers who purchased property in the last 10 years. In this report you will learn:

  • How influential price is when picking a conveyancer
  • Just how well do consumers understand the process
  • What constitutes good service for your clients and how they want to be serviced
  • What you can do to tap into technology to grow your business
  • How to start building a future-ready conveyancing practice

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