It’s time for conveyancing to evolve.

Paper-based conveyancing is extinct. If you still rely on paper to complete key conveyancing processes and transactions, you're living in a prehistoric era. The old way is done. InfoTrack is the home of digital conveyancing, providing law firms with a powerful suite of solutions within a single platform to perform all of your conveyancing tasks electronically.

InfoTrack empowers you to:

  • Onboard your clients electronically with eCOS, your electronic client onboarding solution
  • Automate priority search and AP1 registration updates for lenders via our LMS integration
  • Enable your clients to electronically sign their HMLR deeds with SignIT, the first HMLR-compliant tool for digital signatures on deeds
  • Accelerate the creation of your report on title with impressive automation capability from Property Report 

InfoTrack is the only platform that facilitates a completely digital conveyancing process, end-to-end. It's time to leave paper-based conveyancing behind. Digital transformation is no longer a lofty aspiration; it's a survival plan!

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