Regulated Local Authority Searches with InfoTrack

We know that you need to be confident in the information you are provided for property transactions. This is why InfoTrack offer a market leading Regulated Local Authority Search (RLAS) report, supplied by STL Group. STL employ local experts to visit your Local Authority in person to access the same information as the Council (Official) Local Authority Search, giving you peace of mind that the information is accurate and reliable.

This also means the Regulated Search you receive through InfoTrack has many additional features in comparison to a Council Search.

  • Fixed Price - no matter who the Local Authority is, the price remains the same.
  • Standard format - our Regulated Search is always provided in the same format, so you know exactly where to look for any information at a glance.
  • Summary for conveyancers and Information for Buyers - a summary of the entries revealed in the report, as well as a jargon-free section for the home buyer. The content in this section is specific and unique to every report.
  • Hazard Alert - immediately notifies you of the potential risks for the property and recommends appropriate searches. The recommended searches are based on your specific preference.
  • £10m PI cover - extensive cover offers complete peace of mind.

So... what about lenders?

The majority of lenders accept InfoTrack's RLAS report, however, in the rare instances it is not accepted – you can take advantage of our Lender Guarantee where we will provide you with an Official Local Authority Search - at no additional charge.

Watch our RLAS video below, or download a brochure here.

  InfoTrack/STL Regulated Council (Official)
Fixed Price YES NO
Standard Format YES NO
Information for Buyers YES NO
Summary for Conveyancers YES NO
Hazard Alert YES NO
Public Indemnity covering errors and omissions, and 6 years' run off £10m


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