MR01 & MR04 form submission online

In order to register all particulars of a mortgage or charge created by companies, the MR01 form must be used.

Now you can lodge your MR01 online from within InfoTrack through our direct connection to Companies House. Your form will be lodged immediately as soon as you click submit, and the resulting certificate also returned electronically.

With InfoTrack you are able to:

  • edit and save your MR01 prior to submission – no timing out
  • submit online at the touch of a button
  • bulk upload company details for efficiency

Unique to InfoTrack is the bulk upload of company details, so you can lodge multiple MR01’s for separate companies, simultaneously. 

Why use InfoTrack for your MR01:

  • InfoTrack provides an easy and user-friendly easy way to electronically register company charges
  • MR01 form and subsequent certificate of registration are stored in InfoTrack for 5 years (and sent back to your CMS if integrated)
  • Free-format text section to fill in the description of any land, ship, aircraft or intellectual property
  • Information pre-populated from details of your matter in InfoTrack
  • Save/print your draft, and easily edit before submitting
  • Direct connection to Companies House

InfoTrack is the fastest way to register charges created by companies, download the flyer or get in touch to learn more.