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Our range of conveyancing search indemnity products ensure your clients are covered when they buy or sell a property.

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Policies from two reputable suppliers ensures you have choice.

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Access the information when you need it, with policies saved back to your matter in InfoTrack for up to 7 years.

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Easily share policies with clients and colleagues directly from within InfoTrack.

Protecting your client when they purchase a property is an important part of the home moving process. We offer a range of search indemnity and insurance products from Aviva and CLS to ensure you have access to all your conveyancing search insurance needs within a single platform.

From absence of Easement, through to Freehold Rent Charge insurance and Mineral Rights, as well as bespoke policies, it’s easy to order your search indemnity through InfoTrack. With user-friendly features including handy drop-down boxes, prices that reset according to your needs and policies returned directly to your matter, we take the hassle out of purchasing search indemnity insurance.


Why do I need indemnity insurance?

An indemnity insurance policy covers sellers against a specific problem that could arise with the property, that the buyer may claim against. It involves a one-off policy purchase to cover a legal defect that cannot be resolved easily. Legal indemnity insurance protects sellers by ensuring the transaction doesn’t fall through, and protects the buyer and mortgage lender in the event of any loss of value on the property due to any defects that may arise.

We also offer a variety of conveyancing products including AML checks and post-completion. Download one of our brochures today.

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