Regulated Local Authority Searches

We believe in the power of choice, that's why we offer both Official/Council (OLAS) and Regulated (RLAS) Personal Local Authority Searches for order through our platform.

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Receive helpful summaries providing extra value for you and your client, explaining the findings in layman’s terms.

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With Professional Indemnity of £10m on all reports, you and your clients are always covered.

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Comparable turnaround times with the equivalent Official Search, but with additional benefits and value.

Official Local Authority Searches can take time to be returned and in some areas, prices vary depending on the authority which can become costly. This can affect how you quote and manage the expectations of your client. We believe in the power of choice, which is why you can order either the Regulated/Personal (RLAS) or Official/Council (OLAS) Local Authority Searches through InfoTrack. 

Regulated Local Authority Search vs Official Local Authority Search

Our Regulated Local Authority Search (RLAS) mirrors the content of the Official Local Authority Search (OLAS) with the addition of extra benefits, including client and conveyancer summaries as well as £10m PI (Professional Indemnity) on all reports.

The RLAS report is also loaded with a host of helpful information for home buyers with a buyers summary included for a personal touch. The standardised format of all our RLAS reports ensures consistency and is presented in an easy to review format making it fast to find the information you’re looking for, saving time for you and your clients. 

RLAS are now accepted by the majority of mortgage lenders, making RLAS the popular choice for law firms across the UK. With comparable turnarounds and a fixed price regardless of Local Authority, RLAS is the perfect alternative to the OLAS.

What does a Local Authority search include?

Local Authority Searches are made up of two parts - the LLC1 (sometimes known as Local Land Charges) and the CON29. The LLC1 covers charges or restrictions related to a property or area of land and can include information such as whether a property is:

  • a listed building
  • applicable for a tree preservation order
  • in a conservation area
  • requires improvement or a renovation grant

The CON29 comprises information related to public highways, rail and road planning that could affect the property, along with breaches of planning or building regulations, outstanding statutory notices or any existing compulsory purchase orders.

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