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Submit, manage and monitor post-completion tasks with InfoTrack's award-winning tech. Integrated with HMRC and HMLR, you save significant time, effort and money while achieving consistency across your whole firm.

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Save time, with up to 90% of post-completion forms pre-populated for you. It's easier, faster and a must for law firms today.

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Electronically submit, manage and respond to applications with our direct connections to both HMRC and HMLR.

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Key dates are displayed on the home screen so you'll never miss another deadline again, satisfying compliance needs.

Over 1,500 Law firms are already minimising the time taken to complete and mange important submissions to government bodies. It's why we built our post completion solutions, connecting you directly to HMRC and HMLR. Our software dramatically reduces the time taken to submit and manage submissions, freeing up your time to focus on the more important tasks. 

SDLT Submission:

Up to 70% of your SDLT form is pre-populated using data from your matter in InfoTrack, reducing the time spent completing your SDLT1-4 form. We even designed clever technology that results in the SDLT5 being returned within moments and is automatically attached to your AP1 application to help you submit your post-completion in 5 minutes. Discover more.

AP1 Submission:

To save time and avoid rekeying errors, up to 90% of the AP1 form is pre-populated (including auto-attaching the SDLT5) by drawing on information already entered in your matter. We’ve simplified form filling to include applicant roles, a Land Registry calculator and Lender details and Panel 13 is already completed for you. Discover more.

Benefits for all:

Using InfoTrack for both SDLT and AP1 submissions, every department in your firm benefits. We support compliance operations with key dates on your home screen so you'll never miss a date again and, your finance department will only ever have to deal with a single bill making consolidation so much easier. It's exactly why law firms submit over 20,000 forms each month through InfoTrack.

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