Online property searches

Using InfoTrack for your online property searching is a huge timesaver, due to much of the form field information is pre-populated by details from previous activity related and stored against a matter in InfoTrack.

Our services offer reports from a range of data suppliers to ensure that you always have choice. From Regulated Local Authority Searches and Official Local Authority Searches, Environmental Reports to Tin Mining Reports, Flood Reports to full Homebuyer Reports, our property search service offers all the key searches you need.

Benefits to you and your firm:

  •         Packs can quickly be created and managed by individual users
  •         Access searches from a range of your favourite suppliers
  •         Hazard alerts highlight any known risks to the property
  •         Peace of mind knowing the InfoTrack team are proactively looking after your orders

Interested in using our award-winning property search software? Book a demo or request a brochure so we can show you how InfoTrack can work for you and your business.